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Golf Ball Tracking and Trajectory System

How Far?    How High?    How Fast?    

The IMAGOLF is the only system that can measure the true trajectory of a golf ball. Other systems can measure the intial launch parameter or measure the ball's position when it lands. But with both of these types of systems, the actual trajectory is never truly measured.

The IMAGOLF is a real-time system that accurately tracks measures the flight of the ball including trajectory, velocity,apex, carry distance and dispersion, initial flight angle, angle of impact, and velocity at impact. It can also record the images and data for later analysis.

IMAGOLF is designed to be used at either a golf test facility, at a driving range or as a training aid.

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As seen on the Discovery Channel (Oustide Link)



  •   Automatically tracks a golf ball from launch to landing
  •   Works with any golf ball, no special markings or reflectors are required.
  •   Operates under most reasonable golfing conditions.
  •   Tracks golf ball's with speed in excess of 175 mph.
  •   Technology can be used for other sports, such as baseball.