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Video Tracking Solutions that Work

IMAGO was founded in 1987, since then we have been providing video tracker, video tracking system, trajectory and 3D measurement solutions.

IMAGO continues to invest heavily in research to ensure that we have the best tracking algorithms for most target tracking scenarios.

IMAGO now offers two levels of products:

IMAGO's video trackers are used to measure airborne targets such as missiles, aircraft, UAVs and mortars and other airborne targets. We also offer an air-to-ground tracker to track vehicles, ships and people.

IMAGO's tracker and tracking systems are primarily used for test and evaluation for military, aerospace and golf clients.

IMAGO offers the following turnkey solutions:

  • Video Tracker (Stand alone)
  • Video Tracking Systems (Turnkey, fully integrated)
  • Trajectory Measurement Systems
  • Long Range Stereo Vision for 3D Measurements
  • Data Fusion Engine to combine data from mulitple sources such as video tracker, radars, laser rangefinders, lidars and GPS systems
  • Miss Distance Systems (MDI)
  • Inflight Refueling for UAVs
  • Automatic Take-Off and Landing Systems (ATOL) for UAVs
  • Data Analysis
  • System Integration
  • Golf Ball Trajectory System (Indoor and Outdoor)

Currently our video target tracking systems and measurements are used by engineering groups who need accurate measurements and reliable tracking. In order to support our customers we offer an international network of representatives that provide local service.

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